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COVID19 Response and change to services

The COVID19 pandemic has forced a number of significant changes upon our day to day lives. The seriousness of staying healthy and following best practice advice is matched by our commitment that care for you and your hearing implant will continue even more so in these uncertain times. We guarantee to guide and help you with all your hearing implant needs. We are there for your children, family, and friends across Australia for the duration of this crisis and beyond. The need to ensure you can continue to communicate cannot be understated.

Currently, we are continuing to provide clinical services at our Darlinghurst and Norwest locations, as well as supporting member clinics to provide services at their usual clinical sites. For specific information regarding member sites it is best to contact them directly. Our clinics are practising care with social distancing and minimising patient sessions to those who need them. Remote telehealth sessions are also available for those that need them as well as suppurt calls and trouble shooting. The situation and advice from the Australian government and other bodies is rapidly changing and we will provide updates as they are received.

We are continuing to provide clinical services at our usual sites enforcing social distancing as well as at pop up clinics at the following locations;

- Darlinghurst

- Bondi Junction

- Norwest

- Penrith

- Wollongong

- Nowra

- Tamworth

Additional staff are available and responding directly to any phone calls, text messages, video calls, and emails to provide support and reassurance. We continue to be here to answer your medical questions, meet your programming needs, and organise any batteries or parts you may need.

Phone: 1300262453 or 0458550055

A new online system is currently being developed for you to be able to order all your implant parts if you do not have access to the HSP batteries and maintenance program or are unable to obtain parts from your member clinic. This site is available with a limited range now:

We hope you and your loved ones stay safe and healthy. Please be assured that we are on hand to support remotely and in clinic to ensure you remain in contact with your loved ones during this stressful time.

Kindest regards,

Dr Phillip Chang, Colleen Psarros, and the HIA team.

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