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Hearing Implants Australia is an independent organisation dedicated to improving access to implantable hearing solutions for all Australians.

Our staff are a highly qualified and dedicated group of surgeons, audiologists, and administration support with over 60 years’ experience in clinical services delivery and training. Our focus is improving access to implantable hearing technologies for adults.

Hearing Implants Australia is expanding the reach and access of hearing implant services across Australia. It does so by supporting the professionals caring for clients with hearing loss.

  • Patients need to be under the continued care of local qualified hearing professionals who offer independent care for all their hearing aid and implant needs.

  • General practitioners need a local network of qualified, experienced hearing professionals to whom they can refer people, knowing they will access the full suite of hearing solutions.

  • Independent audiometrists need a referral network for people that will benefit from implantable hearing expertise and the confidence that these patients will retain strong links with their local service for continued long term hearing care.

  • Independent audiologists need the flexibility to offer patients continuity of care even when they transition from a hearing aid to an implantable hearing device.

  • Cochlear implant surgeons need to work hand-in-hand with a network of experienced, independent hearing implant audiologists across Australia

Hearing Implants Australia provides independent inhouse case management for patients that are referred to our services needing implantable hearing devices, train and support independent hearing health professionals to offer implantable hearing device services locally for their patients, and interconnects independent clinics to facilitate the expansion of clinical expertise through the Hearing Implants Australia Professional Network. 

The Hearing Implants Australia Professional Network is Australia’s professional network of independent health and hearing professionals working together to improve our patient’s hearing and quality of life. The HIA Professional Network ensures that those people who need hearing implants are able to access state of the art technology, under the continued of care of their local provider. This is true for city, regional and rural patients, all of whom have the best professional medical and audiological support​

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