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Hearing Implants Australia connects patients, families, and professionals everywhere with an independent network to ensure easy access to the diagnosis of hearing loss and the best available solutions.

Hearing Implants Australia recognises the real problem that people face – many months and sometimes years of unnecessary and frustrating delay in accessing the benefit of implantable hearing technology. This is unacceptable. 

For every adult who is using a hearing implant, there are nine other people who would potentially benefit. 



 We believe that those with hearing loss should have access to the best solutions at the right time, no matter what their circumstance.

This is why we focus on providing complex case management locally as well as structured support and training for clinicians so that they can provide implantable hearing solutions with their patients.


Our independence and commitment means less delay, clearer guidance and up-to-date information for those seeking a solution for their hearing challenges. Our independence, integrity and commitment to best outcomes and local supports ensures that everyone accesses better hearing and healthcare, delivered when they need it, where they need it.

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Clinical journey

Clinical journey

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